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What’s the Best Bowling Ball for Beginners?

When the bowling bug bites, the only solution is more bowling. As your interest in bowling grows, you’ll probably begin to consider buying your own ball, wondering what’s the best type for beginners. has a plethora of choices, and our knowledgeable team welcomes the opportunity to help sort through them all.

The Bowling Ball Confusion

What's the Best Bowling Ball for Beginners?All bowling balls are not equal. The various attributes regarding bowling balls can make the choice quite overwhelming. The brand, core, hook potential, material, weight, and more are likely unfamiliar, and this area is one where we can be of assistance.

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The Beginner Ball

A beginning bowler’s ball should be fairly simple. Focus on mastering one thing at a time, and wait to invest a significant amount into your bowling balls until later in your skill development. We suggest your first ball be purchased based upon the type of ball, the weight, and the grip.

The Beginner Throw

What level of beginner are you? The type of beginner ball you want will depend on whether you’re learning to throw straight or have graduated to learning to hook the ball.

If you just want to look the part when going out with friends to the lanes, you should just throw the ball straight and buy a plastic/polyester ball. They’re not as expensive, and you can customize the drilling here on These balls are also terrific for seasoned players who need to catch the spare by knocking down that one stubborn pin!

If you’re ready to learn to hook the ball, go for one step up, like one with a urethane coverstock. At this level, you won’t require an expensive ball meant for incredible hooking; you need a ball that hooks to practice technique.

The Right Weight

After choosing the best ball, you’ll need to specify options, including the weight. A beginner may be unfamiliar with the actual weight they need because house balls often feel heavier than they are because of the standard-sized finger holes. A custom-drilled ball will feel a couple of pounds lighter. To determine the right weight for your beginner ball, take to the lanes. After bowling with a few different balls, choose the weight that feels most comfortable, add two pounds, and order that weight.

Customized Drilling

Arranging for the drilling of your first ball should follow a consultation at a pro shop like the one we offer at Town & Country Lanes in Bethlehem, PA. Your local bowling alley probably features one as well. The owner/coach can observe your throwing style and prescribe the best drilling layout. You can also have your span and fingers measured at the same time.

If you’ve noticed bowling outings appear more often on your calendar as of late, you might be wondering what’s the best bowling ball for beginners. We hope that we’ve provided the information you need to make this choice, but if you require more help, we’re happy to oblige. The informed professionals here at passionately provide information and products to perfect game play. Reach out online or by calling (844) 269-5379.