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Where to Buy Bowling Balls Near Me

Are you a newbie to the bowling game, a professional in the sport, or a player somewhere in between? If so, is where you should buy bowling balls no matter where your “near me” happens to be. When you count on us to help guide your purchase and provide a top-notch bowling ball or other branded merchandise, your game and your experience benefit.

Where to Buy Bowling Balls Near is a first-rate online bowling superstore. We also have a physical location as a pro shop in Town & Country Lanes in Bethlehem, PA. When your bowling plans direct you to any of the major bowling brands, your first stop should be for low-priced, top-rated, guaranteed goods.

Which Ball Is Right for You?

Choosing the right bowling ball for you is more than identifying which looks the coolest.

The level of bowling skill, the body type of the bowler, and even the lane conditions where the ball will likely be used will all influence the choice of bowling ball.

At, we offer the particular ball you choose in a range of weights. You’ll be able to select the right weight for you regardless of the ball that you choose, so this part of the buying process is separate from the ball selection. The right ball for you will be a pound or two heavier than the weight you usually choose at the lanes because customized drilling of finger holes allows the bowler to hold the ball in a more natural position.

The type of coverstock for your ball matters as well. Coverstock materials are either plastic/polyester, urethane, or reactive resin. These materials will affect how the ball grips the lanes and develops momentum as it rolls.

Novice bowlers usually choose the plastic, or polyester, coverstock. These balls are more affordable and durable than the more advanced bowling balls, but the balls won’t have the ability to hook farther down the lanes. A bowling ball with a plastic coverstock remains straight and slides over the oil without gripping the lanes. Experienced bowlers will keep one of these available for picking up that last pin for the spare.

Most bowlers consider urethane coverstocks to be suitable for beginner and intermediate bowling skills. The urethane grips the lane well and is easy to angle down the lane.

Reactive resin covers the bowling balls preferred by advanced and professional bowlers. This coverstock creates great friction and hook potential. The greater scores made possible with these balls come with increased prices and care requirements. The coverstock absorbs oil from the lanes with each pass and will need to be cleaned and resurfaced regularly. Reactive resin coverstocks come in pearl, solid, or hybrid options.

The inner core of the bowling ball consists of the strategically designed weight held within the coverstock. Cores are symmetrical or asymmetrical with asymmetry promoting hook potential.

Customize Your Purchase for the Benefit of Your Game offers bowling ball customizations to improve your throw. We offer drilling based upon your finger size and hand span, and gathering these measurements is as simple as a visit to your local pro shop.

If you’re wondering “where to buy bowling balls near me,” the best answer is held in your hand: your smartphone or other connected device. Navigate to and check out our wide assortment of bowling products. We specialize in all things bowling and strive to spread our love of the sport. When you’re ready to order or need help deciding, reach out online or call (844) 269-5379.