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Swag Cupping Band Glove (+2 Slings)


Swag Cupping Band Glove (+2 Slings)


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Swag Cupping Band Glove (2 Slings) Features:

1 Glove, 2 Slings

  • It is a cupping band with a function of pulling forward as opposed to supporting the hand of an existing wrist protector.
  • Higher adhesion between the ball and palm.
  • Most wrist straps on the market include a feature to support your wrists to avoid bending when throwing a bowling ball.
  • In order to pitch the ball well, the ball and the palm must be in close contact. However, in the existing wrist protector method, since the ball and palm space are created, it is difficult to make the cup as much as you want, and it is also not easy to maintain the cupping state. It is the cupping band that solved the problem.
  • The cupping band does the opposite of the traditional wrist strap.
  • Put the cupping band sling on your finger and hang the hook-number of the sling on the hook-arm attached to the wrist, and the hand that is pushed back will be pulled forward.
  • The cupping band helps to prevent wrist injuries by reducing the burden on the fingers and wrists that were forced to form the cup.
  • It can be used on all fingers except the thumb, so even those with weak fingers can use the cupping band to increase their finger strength.

Cupping Band Slings


Example of the change depending on where the cupping band sling is used



In addition to the example, depending on the condition, it can be used on all fingers except the thumb.

  • When it is used for index finger, if you give a lot of force to push forward when throwing the ball, the person with weak index finger will drop the ball toward the index finger and lose the ball.
    If you put a cupping band on your index finger, you can push the ball without losing the ball.
  • When used on ring finger,  the force to push the ball becomes stronger, so that the pain caused by the wrong swing disappears and the lane is easier to grasp.
    In addition, the impact is increased to increase the chance of strike (using ring finger and pinky together is more effective).
  • When used in conjunction with index finger and middle  finger,
    it can be easily used by people who have weak turn or people who have strong index finger strength and track flare on the ball’s thumbhole.
  • When used in conjunction with a middle finger and ring finger, it makes the  cupping the safest and strongest feature of the cupping band


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