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Track Legion Pearl Bowling Ball


Pearl Reactive


Medium to Medium Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane and Backend Motion


2.500 (15lb)

.046 (15lb)

.011 (15lb)



Prime Response Pearl

500, 1000, 1500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound



Mid Performance

Track Legion Pearl Bowling Ball

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Track Legion Pearl Bowling Ball Features:

It has been essential for us to get back to some Track technology the Track fans gravitated to and loved. In recent years, the Legion line took off, and this Legion Pearlhits the mark on a pearl, asymmetric look that was missing from the line. In addition, the Legion Pearl brings back the LT-2 core and Prime Response Pearl for excellent mid-lane read and response.

10 reviews for Track Legion Pearl Bowling Ball

  1. Bob Newman

    I pulled out my Asymmetrical Pearl bowling balls and did a head to head to see where the Legion Pearl fits. For me the Legion is less overall than the Proof Pearl. The Legion is a little smoother down lane but did seem to carry better. I see the pins staying low and really mixing. It was more over all than both the Radical Results Plus and the Hammer Web MB by 3 and 5 boards with my feet. It’s gonna push its way into my tournament arsenal for sure. It’s a good looking ball too.

  2. BJ

    Pleasantly surprised by the amount of hook I got out of the Legion Pearl. I bowled on a lot of “cliffed” patterns and usually when I move left with something shiny it goes 50 feet. Not the Legion Pearl. Kept inching left and it kept screaming off the pattern. I put a 4.5″ pin to pap drilling on mine with the cg up by the fingers and the mass bias above and to the right of my thumb. Got a good amount of flare with this layout. Ball looks amazing on the shelf and even more amazing going down the lane. Ball is definitely worthy of the Legion logo.

  3. Tom Marlow

    Wow track has really put itself on the map with these new balls.

    Legion pearl is another great release for the track line. This ball is super clean through the front of the Lane and very continuous on the back end. This ball uses dot technology and has dynamicore with gives this ball the extra hitting power to kick out the 10 pin. The Legion Pearl will help bridge the gap between strata line and the Proof line.
    I drilled mine 50x5x30. So far I love this ball and I see it being in my bag for a long time.

  4. TheHopeDiamond22

    Legion pearl is very clean through the fronts and smoother down lane. Will still bite very well in the midlane and transition fast at the break point. Very versatile in surface adjustment and lane play. Was able to play them a bit direct in oil and left as they dried up. Still had a strong motion with good continuation. Legion Pearl sits perfect between a strata hybid and kinetic platinum in my bag.

  5. Dave Han

    The Track Legion Pearl has been a very good ball for me so far. Much better than the original that came out several years ago.

    Mine was drilled with my favorite layout (70×3.75.20), and after I scuffed the out of box polish with a 3000 pad, I got a ball that is very readable in the mid lane and a strong but predictable motion on the backend and through the pins. In the early part of the fall season, The Legion Pearl has been my go-to ball for league.

    I highly recommend the Legion Pearl for your league nights and is a more than capable option on medium sport patterns as well. I will be highly anticipating a solid version as well.

    Dave H.
    Track Regional Staff
    Vise Regional Staff

  6. Michael Romero

    Track Legion Pearl has been my go to ball on medium house shot patterns and on challenge patterns. I have been able to use this ball in multiple areas of the lanes, playing up 6/7 board on challenge shots or playing the middle of the lane on house shots. This ball has not lots its energy and is strictly out of the box surface. This is by far the hottest ball in the Track line and it is a must have in your bag! You will not be disappointed.

  7. Bryant Ezell

    This ball really surprised me. I have always been a fan of the legion line as it is one of my favorite asymmetric cores. For me this ball never stops, I know when I move inside this ball will nearly always recover whether I miss in the oil or get it too far right. On house shots this ball is very versatile and I am comfortable playing any part of the lane with it. This ball has earned a spot in the league bag and will make the trip with me for medium sport patterns.

  8. Manny Castillo

    The Legion Pearl when I rolled it with its out of the box finish it was extremely clean through the fronts and had a good motion down lane. I drilled mine 45x4x35. It is very versatile in surface adjustment and I have been keeping mine in that 1000 – 2000 abralon zone. Even with this surface on the ball I still find it to be clean through the fronts and with a good continuous motion down lane. My Legion Pearl has bailed me out in those later games of an 8-game block or in those centers where there is a lot of friction in the fronts.

  9. Brandon Traynum

    Excellent mid performance piece. Clean enough for a pearl but not super quick downlane. A step down from a widow ghost kind of shape but a step up from those obsession tours and smoother pieces

  10. Petro

    The Legion Pearl is a statement for medium for drier lanes. It uses DynamiCore that has increasing hitting power and creating an undeniable difference in sound and pin carry. It has been favorable to use in later blocks of tournaments with a predictable reaction through the center of the lane.

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