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Virtual Bowling Lessons Now Available from BowlerX

Get bowling lessons from our own JR Raymond and Krista Sandt tailored to your individual needs no matter where you live. Our coaches will take your videos and develop a voice over lesson giving you a game plan for how to improve your game in whatever way you would like. All you need is a camera, whether it be on a tripod or using the camera on your phone.

In the attached video JR explains how and where to position your phone so that our coaches can get a good view of your entire approach and delivery. You can then upload your video to us and either let Krista or JR analyze your mechanics and offer your areas to work on that will increase you ability to repeat shots and increase your scores. You can also let Krista or JR know if you have a specific issue that you would like them to focus on and they will then give you personalized feedback including tips and drills that you can perform to strengthen your areas of concern.