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DV8 Intimidator Bowling Ball



Solid Reactive


High Performance

Medium to Heavy Oil



Inciter Max Solid Reactive

.051 (15lb)

500, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad

.016 (15lb)

2.498 (15lb)

Strong Midlane Read with Very Strong Backend Motion



DV8 Intimidator Bowling Ball

(3 customer reviews)


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DV8 Intimidator Bowling Ball Features:

• The Assailant core with aggressive numbers features DOT and DynamiCore for powerful hits and durability.
• Inciter Max coverstock creates a ton of traction and hook.
• 500, 2000 Siaair surface with the strong Inciter Max coverstock allows you to keep moving into the oil.
• The bold black, purple, and white colors stand out on the lanes.

3 reviews for DV8 Intimidator Bowling Ball

  1. Thomas Mongeon

    DV8 Intimidator
    Axis Tilt: 7°
    Axis Rotation: 40°
    PAP: 4 13/16 x ⅛ ^
    Speed and rev rate matched
    Layout: 70 x 5 x 35

    The DV8 Intimidator is the latest high end, asymmetrical, release. It uses the Assailant core, wrapped with DynamiCore and the new Inciter Max cover. The finish out of box is 500/2000. This ball, with its bold black, purple, and white colors stand out on the lanes and the shelf. The colors make it easy to read on the lanes, you can really see this one rev up.

    Compared to my Instigator (65×4.5×30), the new Intimidator is 3-4 boards stronger overall with more traction in the midlanes and a ,noticeably, stronger move on the backend. I was able to keep moving into the puddle, creating more angle to the pocket and carry the corner pins better than the Instigator. The cover stock and box surface is strong and will be a great match up for higher speeds and rev challenged bowlers. This will be in the bag every time I’m facing long or higher volume patterns. I decided to take my Intimidator up to 4000 Grit with a Siaair Pad just to see how different it would be. This gave me more skid in the heads with a big change of direction down lane. I was a big fan of the OG Grudge and see similar things from the new Intimidator. I love the colors because it looks like I doubled my rev rate, plus it looks really good on the shop walls.

  2. Dwayne A. Jenkins

    DV8 Intimidator is a big, heavy, pocket crunching beast of a ball. Big hook monster of a coverstock, ball motion with superior traction in heavy oil, and with the right layout and surface can even be used on house conditions. This is a ball I would start with in tournament competition due to its aggressiveness and strength to create a path to the pocket. Very clean, very versatile, extremely faithful ball reaction. I am very moved with what my eyes have seen and the consistency in ball reaction making good shots on the lanes. The DV8 Instigator is much sharper in the backend in comparison to the Intimidator, which makes both great companions for league and tournament play, but definitely the Intimidator is the starter over the Instigator due to the strength in its coverstock formulation.


  3. Jay Langler

    This is a big hooking heavy hitting ball! On heavy oil this ball just will not stop it digs and digs to get to the pocket. This ball hits the mid lane and starts digging. The ball never quits on you. I bowl on a medium oil THS and it allows me to move way left from the track and throw it with confidence to the spot and know it will make it back to the pocket. For me this ball is rounder motion than say the Instigator or Notorious. This is my go to ball on heavy oil !

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