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Ebonite Futura


Hybrid Reactive


Medium to Medium Heavy Oil

Strong Midlane Read with Continuous Backend Motion


2.48 (15lb)

.053 (15lb)


Futura HD

GSV-1 Hybrid

500/2000 Abralon



Mid Performance

Ebonite Futura

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Ebonite Futura Bowling Ball Features:

The Ebonite Futura uses a proven coverstock in the GSV-1 Hybrid shell that was used previously on the Choice and pairs it with a new weight block, the symmetrical Futura HD (High Density) core. This weight block is modeled after the low RG, higher differential Enhanced V2 core from the Game Breaker line. The RG is the same as the Game Breaker 2 and Game Breaker 3 balls at 2.48″, but the differential has been increased from 0.048″ to 0.053″, resulting in more track flare potential.

Futura features our latest development in coverstock design, giving you the most performance possible in this category.

Imbedded inside our GSV-1 coverstock is a new core design based on the proven ancestry of our famed Game Breaker line. The combination of the two will keep you ahead of your competition for the forseeable future.

The GSV-1 coverstock is the next generation of the most trusted and proven covers in bowling, our GB series. This coverstock formulation has opened may new doors and given Ebonite the possibility to take ball motion to the next level.

The premise of the new Futura HD core design started with one of the brand’s most iconic core shapes in the V2, found in our infamous Game Breaker series. By shifting mass away from the center of the core along the X-axis and going with a higher density core material, we were able to maintain the low RG motion offered in the Game Breaker line. At the same time, this increased the backend continuation with improved overall flare potential.

2 reviews for Ebonite Futura

  1. Jeremy King

    After having thrown the Futura on a variety of different patterns and centers, I can say without a doubt, this is the strongest ball I’ve ever thrown. I can easily handle the fresh on the highest volumes and blend the house patterns if they are cliffed. For me, it’s an original Scandal on steroids. This ball is a must have for recreational and competitive bowlers alike!

  2. Craig Miller

    The Futura is Ebonite’s latest release in their upper mid performance line up.
    Tested this ball on a 42 ft THS pattern and found the ball to clear the fronts with ease, strong backend motion, with good continuation off the deck. A very predictable type ball with hitting power!
    For me, this ball would be in play on your medium length/volume patterns and some heavier volume patterns.
    It’s a stronger version of the GB series bowling balls. One of my favorites of all!

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