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Motiv Alpha Jackal Bowling Ball


Solid Reactive


Heavy Oil

Very Strong Midlane and Backend Motion


2.47 (15lb)

.054 (15lb)

.015 (15lb)


Predator V2

Coercion HV3 Solid Reactive

2000 Grit LSS

Solid Blue/Purple


High Performance

Motiv Alpha Jackal Bowling Ball

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Motiv Alpha Jackal Bowling Ball Features:

The Alpha Jackal uses the Predator V2 core from the Jackal Ghost and the new Coercion HV3 Solid Reactive coverstock to create Motiv’s newest hook monster. This ball comes out of the box at a 2000 grit sanded finish to give it teeth through the oil, while its low RG core helps it rev up very quickly. The Alpha Jackal provides more hook in the oil than the Golden Jackal, making it an easy choice for longer, heavier volume conditions. Along with the Trident Abyss, which has a smoother ball motion, the Alpha Jackal will provide bowlers with the most total hook in the Motiv product line.

The Jackal reigns supreme on heavy oil. For over half a decade the Jackal line of bowling balls has been the dominant force for heavy oil. The latest addition to the line, the Alpha Jackal pushes the boundaries by providing more hook with the control and devastating continuation that you expect.

Following the success of the Jackal Ghost, Motiv decide it was time to provide bowlers with an updated, stronger, solid reactive cover on the Predator V2 weight block. Featuring the Coercion HV3 Solid Reactive coverstock, the Alpha Jackal is all about creating traction in places where the previous Jackals couldn’t. This is the strongest cover ever used in the Jackal line.

The Predator V2 asymmetric weight block driving the Alpha Jackal boasts a very low RG and loads of differential. This enables you to maximize both revs and track flare.

Players looking for traction on heavy or long oil patterns need to have the Motiv Alpha Jackal in their bag. Expect speed dominant players who already depend on the reliability of the Jackal line to fall in love with the added hook and control of the Alpha edition.

10 reviews for Motiv Alpha Jackal Bowling Ball

  1. Alex

    I have had a great deal of success with the ghost, so I was greatly anticipating the release of the alpha . Motiv never seems to disappoint with the hype vs. reality when it comes to the new releases. I am blown away with the versatility of a ball with this much early traction. The alpha never seems to burn up especially with a little lane shine. This may be a ball that gets drilled again with a little polish to create more down lane motion. The V2 core has become my 2nd favorite core only behind the detonator. I cant wait to see what is in store for this line, maybe a pearl!?

  2. Drew

    The layout I used on the Alpha Jackal is 50x5x30. I was amazed with how this ball rolled for me. I typically cannot throw many asymmetric cores on house shots due to them using up all their energy in the front part of the lane. For how much the Alpha sees the fronts, it does not quit down lane. This ball is very continuous and will work well on fresh house shots and heavy oil patterns. The Alpha Jackal will be traveling with me for a while as my strongest ball in my bag.

    Drew C.
    Motiv Staff

  3. Eric George

    A new leader of the pack has arrived! The Alpha Jackal boasts an even stronger version of the Coercion cover stock with the newly formulated Coercion HV3 Solid. The vibrant colored cover stock makes a huge footprint in the oil and manages to provide continuation through the pin deck. I drilled two, a pin down 50-4 ¼-61 which creates a round and continuous motion. The second is a pin up drilled 60-5-35, this one revs a little later and goes forward off the spot. No matter the layout, if you are looking to dominate heavy oil the Alpha Jackal is a great choice.

    Motiv Staff
    Eric G.

  4. David Hooper Jr

    The layout I used on the Alpha Jackal is 65-5-30. I’ve never been a big fan of asymmetrical bowling balls but this one I’m a huge fan of. Normally I have problems with asymmetrical balls rolling out and stopping but not with this ball. This ball reads the middle part of the lane perfectly and still continues through the pins. I will be using this ball a lot to start tournaments on longer patterns and some medium patterns when there is enough volume. This is definitely one of my favorite balls in my bag.

    David Hooper Jr
    Motiv Staff

  5. D.J.

    The Alpha Jackal is the latest addition in the historical Jackal line from Motiv. My initial thoughts of seeing this ball was that the colors are incredible. Cosmetically this ball is amazing and is eye catching to anyone who sees it go down the lane. But this ball isn’t just pretty, the performance you get out of this ball is beyond worth it. I got the chance the first week with this ball to throw it on 45ft Mexico City and 2 different house patterns and I determined in the first week that it’s never leaving my bag. The overall hook was great but the continuation it offers even in the heaviest of oil conditions is what stood to me. Not seeing the ball deflect and continue through the 8 pins is music to a bowlers eyes! On house conditions, I was playing left of everyone but the ball never rolled out and I got to keep moving left, kept throwing it right and kept seeing it continue. If you bowl tournaments or only bowl league, the Alpha Jackal will surprise you and offer you versatility you didn’t know you had!

    Motiv Staffer- D.J. R.

  6. Jamison Peyton


    I got the required number of strikes to make my ball review video (generally I use 5-8 depending on what keeps it under 2 minutes) in under 5 minutes, so I kept the camera rolling and actually ended up with so many strikes that I could literally make a 1:50 video of me only throwing strikes after I edited down the initial 12 minute video.

    I’m editing the video as I write this, and I can tell you that this ball is running over the 8 pin almost every single shot as I rewatch them, and there’s a couple ways you can look at that; either I need to move left, or the ball doesn’t quit while going through the pins. Once the video is published, you’ll see that I eventually move about 10-15 by the end, and the 8 pin still has zero chance, so the ball might just be insane.

    My early experiences with this ball was that it was too much for everything we had on the machine to throw at it, it actually was too much for Route 66 at box, but looked awesome at 5500~. At that surface I was also able to use it on the house shot effectively.

    I took it back to a fresh 2k by resurfacer before shooting the video, then threw it on this year’s US Open 4 pattern after I got done shooting and made it look like a house shot, so that was pretty fun. No further surface adjustments before going front 8 in league on Thursday with it, so it seems that this one is also VERY surface friendly. All in all, this one’s pretty good!

    Jamison P.
    Motiv Staffer

  7. Jason Lettau

    Holy cow, this ball is amazing! Out of box at 2000 throwing on a fresh THS, the Alpha Jackal showed its true power. I was really surprised at just how smooth something that strong could be! The Alpha Jackal is definitely a ball for you if you need a strong, yet really smooth asymmetrical. I took the Alpha Jackal down to 4000 grit for the house I bowl in and shot back to back 250+ games in league. This is definitely a special piece in the bag. Not only can I score well bowling on the Dragon pattern, but I can score well on a fresh house shot. This ball is very versatile! Its a definite go-to when the lanes are fresh!

    Jason L.
    MOTIV Staff

  8. Anthony Evans

    Absolutely one of my favorite balls right now! It’s not very often a solid asym can create this amount of traction in the front and mids and still have an amazing amount of energy at the pins like this ball! The Alpha Jackal is MOTIV’s latest innovation for a heavy oil solid asym and it does not disappoint. Bringing back the Predator V2 core loved in the Jackal Ghost combined with the smoother solid Coercion HV3 cover from the Trident Abyss and original Forge it creates an entirely unique shape in the line. This ball pairs perfectly with the Jackal Ghost if you still need some strength up front but a little more downlane motion.

    Anthony E.

  9. Stephen Mohn

    The Alpha Jackal,
    So as everyone knows by now this is the most recent release in the famous jackal series from Motiv. Normally I do my reviews very shortly after receiving the ball and this time around I wanted to get a bunch of games on the ball so I could be a little more in-depth with what I’m seeing from the motion of the ball and my likes dislikes. So let’s start off with my layout. I did my favorite Asym pin-up layout which is a 60*5*30 THis normally gives me good length and still has lots of power down lane.
    Using that layout I left the jackal at its box finish which is about a 2k abralon finish. This ball got down the lane much easier than I thought it would be that it has such a strong cover. Shape wise downlane is tougher to explain it’s not as long and snappy as the ghost and not nearly as early as a jackal rising. So I’ve put I dunno about 60 games on this ball so far and man its been pretty solid for me so far. It lets me open the lanes on higher volume house shots and lets me get in the middle of the lane when I move left on dryer lanes.
    As I’ve owned it the ball has got well kinda dirty. That has been easily resolved. Anytime the ball gets some lane shine on it I just hit it with a fresh 2k pad and its back to normal!
    All and all this is what you would expect from a High-performance piece of equipment. It loves the heavier volumes and has plenty to offer downlane for such a big hooking ball!

    Specs PAP 4 over 1/2 Up
    Tilt 20 degree
    Axis Rotation 50

    Stephen M.
    Motiv Staffer

  10. Mark

    The Alpha Jackal has been a great piece in my bag. The Alpha Jackal is great when the Jackal Ghost isn’t strong enough and I need something to shape earlier. Compared to the Trident Abyss, the Abyss is earlier and more forward. With the Abyss, you can’t play as deep as you can with the Alpha Jackal. At least not with as steep of an angle. The Abyss is made more for shallow angles. The Alpha Jackal is really unique. It’s a strong early asymmetrical ball that you can still play steeper angles with. My typical line I like playing with this ball is about 20-10. This ball allows me to control the pattern very well on heavier oil patterns. This ball also responds to surface changes exceptionally well. I changed the surface to 4000. Compared to 2000 surface, 4000 gives you more push in the mid lane and a faster reaction down lane. I find myself able to play steeper angles than with the Alpha Jackal at box surface (2000).

    Motiv Staffer : Mark W.

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