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Preparing For 2019 USBC Open Championships

It’s that time of year again. Time to take a stab at a successful USBC Open Championships showing. Typically, the conditions are challenging and the scoring pace is low. Many good league players leave Nationals with their tails dragging behind them and wondering “What the heck happened?”.
This year the event is back in Las Vegas at the South Point Bowling Plaza. The USBC has curbed the use of video sharing from the event in an attempt to remove any advantages that someone may get by watching another person attack the lanes. The attached article below, courtesy of Bowling This Month (BTM) will give you some insight into how to prepare for this years event. It shows how lane topography plays a major role in ball reaction and explains the importance of proper oil pattern breakdown in order to maximize scoring potential. It also discusses bowling ball/surface prep options that may help you match up to the conditions. It’s a good read and can only help you have a more successful 2019 USBC Open experience. Note, we have also attached a topography chart (2017) of every lane at South Point Bowling Plaza so that you can visually see the differences and have an idea of which lanes may play tighter or more open than others.

Knowledge is the key. Best of luck to everyone this year in Vegas!!
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Preparation for Successful 2019 USBC Open Championships

2017 South Point Topography