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Roto Grip UFO


Solid Reactive


Medium to Medium Heavy Oil

Solid Midlane with Strong Backend Motion


 2.52 (15lb.)

.054 (15lb.)

 .016 (15lb.)


ET (Equilizer Technology) Core

MicroTrax-S20 Solid Reactive

2000 Grit Pad

Deep Blue/ Baby Blue/ Neon Green


High Performance

Roto Grip UFO


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Roto Grip UFO Bowling Ball Features:

The Roto Grip UFO uses the newest and most aggressive version of the MicroTrax coverstock, finished at the factory with a 2000 grit surface. The new asymmetrical E.T. (Equalizer Technology) core has a higher RG, higher differential, and lower intermediate differential than the Centrum core from the Halo series. The changes inside and out to the UFO offer more total traction with an earlier read and a smoother back end compared to the Halo.

Core: E.T. Core = Equalizier Technology Core…This space aged creation was developed with built in cavities to emulate the use of an extra hole since as of August 2020 the USBC deems them illegal. The built in “Equalizier Cavities” will help increase midlane motion and continuation downlane.

Cover: The newest formulation of our forever famous MicroTrax Technology will create great traction in the heaviest of oils. The MicroTrax-S20 Solid Reactive coverstock is mixed with a higher nano ratio which means more grab throughout the entire lane.

Condition:E.T. Core = Increased Core Motion…MicroTrax-S20 Solid Reactive Cover = Increased Traction in Oil…We wanted to get ahead of the USBC rule change and create a ball that will help those who are used to using a ball with an extra hole in it…We believe in higher scores, so it was only fair to create a bowling ball that is out of this world in terms of technology!




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