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Storm Pro Motion Bowling Ball


Storm Pro Motion Bowling Ball


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Storm Pro Motion Bowling Ball Features:

The Pro-Motion is the latest entry into Storm’s Signature series. Like the previous two releases in this line, the Pro-Motion has the Belmo logo engraved on its right side to signify Storm’s collaboration with Jason Belmonte on its design. This single-color ball uses the SPEC Solid Reactive coverstock that was introduced on the Crux Prime, finished from the factory at a 2000 Abralon surface. The Pro-Motion also features the new symmetrical Piston weight block. It produces an RG of 2.52″ and a total differential of 0.049″.

To create this very special PRO-Motion, Jason teamed up Storm’s Research and Development department to create a weight block design that is unique and benefits bowlers of all styles. It is a dynamic symmetrical piece that has some very unique characteristics. For bowlers looking to roll their best scores, the PRO-Motion gives total performance from foul line to head pin with a ball motion akin to the pros’.

The Piston core brings with it months of testing and validation in conjunction with the best player of our time: Jason Belmonte. Developed specifically for his line, the Piston Core creates separate helical archs that make the shape corkscrew as it tumbles. You can see the channels on the sides of the Piston Core and the large band through the equator which displaces the mass in a very specific way.

SPEC stands for “Storm Performance Enhanced Coverstock”. The intent behind this formula was to create something that withstands the rigors every bowling ball endures each time it takes a trip down the lane; namely, the friction and oil it encounters. We all know and accept that bowling balls smooth out over time, just like the tread on the tires of your car. With SPEC, you can expect consistent performance that is as tireless as it is dynamic. It’s bold, definite, and extremely potent.


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